We increase efficiency of your company’s facilities, thereby reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Air conditioning optimization

Sybil HVAC, our advanced control system that reduces air conditioning costs and increases comfort

Sybil HVAC is our automation system that has been specifically designed for the air conditioning of large-volume buildings.

It is suitable for airports, large bus or train stations, shopping centres, large-scale retail outlets and wherever there is an significant influx of people.

The aim of the system is to keep comfort levels constant, reducing the energy consumption of the air handling units.

If you would like more information about our Sybil HVAC

please click here: www.sybilsolutions.it

Enhancement of energy data

We give value to your data

With our SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT service we analyse your company’s energy consumption data and provide you with reports that aim to:

  • Identify any inefficiencies or system anomalies
  • Create benchmarks between different sites, establishing contact between them
  • Provide advanced statistical analysis, which is capable of hypothesising possible scenarios
  • Propose energy efficiency projects

The service can be offered together with a monitoring and visualisation platform that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Energy Performance Contract

We invest, You save

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a multi-year contract through which Alperia Bartucci makes the financial and technological commitment involved in an energy efficiency project and is remunerated according to the savings generated by the project.

Using this contractual method, companies may implement a more efficient system by taking advantage of the best technology available on the market, while, most importantly, not requiring them to make any outlay for initial investments.

The EPC contract stipulates:

  • A variable duration of time, from 5 to 15 years, depending on the technology and application
  • Financial costs of the project entirely borne by Alperia Bartucci
  • All risks related to the technology shall be borne by Alperia Bartucci
  • A breakdown shall be provided of the energy savings actually obtained and measured out between Alperia Bartucci and the client
  • Possible early technology transfer options

When an energy performance contract is drawn up, the client does not directly purchase the energy efficiency system that will be implemented at their facility, but does get to enjoy the real benefits. All work carried out during the project is entirely the responsibility of Alperia Bartucci, which, along with the client, will receive a percentage of the savings generated.

There are many advantages to this contract:

  • No use of the client’s own economic resources
  • No financial risk or danger of altering market value of securities for the client
  • No risk related to the energy performance of the installed technology
  • Net and immediate economic benefits for the client in terms of the reduction of energy consumption
  • Energy savings that are completely for the benefit of the client in the long term
  • Immediate technological innovation

Behavioural Efficiency

Unleash the organisational-behavioural potential of your company for energy efficiency

ENERGY AMBASSADOR This is an innovative energy saving service obtained through the establishment of company “energy ambassadors” and the development of actions to improve organisational-behavioural energy efficiency with the support of an “energy efficiency coach” from Alperia Bartucci. There are 4 stages involved in this process:

  1. Energy consumption analysis
  2. The creation of working groups for the establishment of energy ambassadors that share and analyse existing operational energy management practices to define an inventory of actions to be taken in order to improve energy efficiency
  3. The selection and implementation of the best actions for organisational-behavioural improvement
  4. Monitoring the performance deriving from these improvement actions and sharing the savings with Alperia Bartucci