Our Research & Projects division is one of the strengths of Alperia Bartucci SpA, which has entered into partnerships with the Milan Polytechnic University, Rome’s La Sapienza University and the Universities of Padua, Verona and Marche, for the purpose of developing industrial efficiency projects.

Each new project is based on operational research and is validated by means of market analyses and simulations, which are completed thanks to the support of the other company divisions during the pilot cases. This interactive process ensures the continuous in-progress improvement of the work carried out and an attentive approach to concreteness and market feedback.

Il team si occupa di:

  • Researches and identifies innovative solutions and technologies for energy efficiency;
  • Designs and develops ad hoc tools and validates the ensuing technologies/solutions;
  • Qualifies suppliers;
  • Conducts market surveys;
  • Designs innovative business models, for speeding up and enhancing the effectiveness of energy efficiency;
  • Develops and tests new corporate strategies, including the first operational support stage in the pilot cases;
  • Develops theses, also based on internships, in partnership with the best universities and research institutions;
  • Develops local, national and European financing projects.


  • Adaptive predictive model of a heating furnace for billets (patented);
  • Method for the computer-aided selection of technologies for improving the energy efficiency of a plant and related system (in the process of patenting);
  • Low-temperature heat recovery systems (O.R.C.);
  • Sectoral base study of monitoring systems for industry;
  • Advanced process control for minimising water leaks and the study of energy efficiency measures for water supply networks;
  • Estimated saving algorithms;
  • Technical and economical feasibility analysis of investments;
  • Market and sector analyses;


Following is an overview of the solutions applied by our company:

  • Heat recovery systems (energy-saving and pre-heating devices);
  • Advanced process control (including building automation) with multivariate prediction models;
  • Power Quality improvement;
  • High-efficiency combustion systems (boilers, recuperative/regenerative burners, oxycombustion);
  • Adiabatic cooling, free cooling and dynamic condensation control;
  • Efficient solutions for compressed air;
  • High-efficiency electric engines and inverters;
  • High-efficiency pumps, compressors and ventilators, and the optimised management of the related central control units;
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration;
  • Heat pumps;
  • High-efficiency lighting systems;
  • Industrial insulation;
  • Renewable energy sources.

At the core of the Energy Performance Contract there is a choice of innovative technologies and solutions for energy efficiency, and since the related risks are incurred by Alperia Bartucci SpA it is of strategic importance to investigate, assess and validate both the best technologies and solutions to be offered and the most reliable suppliers with which to work.


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