Innovation leads us towards a sustainable future.

Strategy & New Business is our research and development department and it is our main strength. In this area, we develop innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Each new project starts with research, which is then validated through market analysis and simulations and finalised by collaborating with the other business units, through an interactive process that guarantees the continuous improvement of results and an attentive approach to practicality and market feedback.

The Strategy & New Business team deals with:

  • Scouting and analysis of innovative technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability;

  • Market and sector analysis;

  • Conception and development of new solutions and innovative business models;

  • Scouting and qualification of suppliers;

  • Thesis development, which also includes internships in companies, in collaboration with universities and research institutions;

  • Development of financing projects at a local, national and European level.

For several years now we have been carrying out fruitful collaborations with the Polytechnic University of Milan, La Sapienza in Rome and the Universities of Padua, Verona and the Marche.

Some research areas of interest

  • An adaptive predictive model for a reheating furnace for billets (patented);

  • A method for the computerised selection of technologies to be applied to improving the energy efficiency of a plant, and related system (patent pending);

  • Low-temperature heat recovery systems (ORC);

  • Sector-based study of monitoring systems for industries;

  • Advanced process control for the minimisation of water loss and the study of energy efficiency measures for water networks;