We develop innovative technological solutions and invest directly in the creation and implementation of sustainability and energy efficiency projects,
to make your company more competitive.

Environmental sustainability

An integrated service to reduce the environmental impact of your company

For almost twenty years we have been dealing with the strategic management of greenhouse gas emission quotas for companies that fall within the scope of Directive No. 2003/87/CE (Emission Trading System) or who voluntarily adopt sustainable management policies for the emissions they produce.

We have combined these skills with a Circular Vision in which an economic system is planned so that it includes the reuse of materials in subsequent production cycles, thereby minimising waste.

Our approach to sustainability is developed in three distinct phases:

  1. Evaluation of the environmental impact and the company’s level of circularity.
  2. Definition of a medium/long-term environmental strategy, which takes into account the industrial plan and outlines the concrete actions to be carried out.
  3. Monitoring, verification and reporting of the results obtained.

Energy consulting

Advanced energy services to guide your company towards efficiency and the optimal management of energy and its uses

With over 2 million White Certificates reported, we are one of the major players in the energy efficiency market.

We direct companies towards the best technological, economic and strategic solutions and guide them step by step towards the better management of energy and its uses.

The main services we offer are:

    Promotes greater staff awareness of the economic and environmental value of energy efficiency.Encourages collaboration and the transfer of know-how between the various areas of the company. Forms a team of energy ambassadors who will promote actions aimed at the informed and intelligent use of energy.Stimulates creativity and competitiveness to identify bottom-up energy efficiency opportunities.Implements “zero cost” improvements with the support of an energy efficiency coach
    We analyse and enhance the energy data of your company. Through periodic reporting, important indicators and advanced statistical analyses are provided. The monitoring and visualisation platform may already exist on-site or be provided by us.
    We help companies to develop energy efficiency projects by following all phases of the project, from the business plan to the installation of technology, right up to obtaining any possible incentives.
    Implementing the ISO 50001 standard has a dual objective: environmental and economic. The reduction of primary energy consumption allows both for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an improvement in the efficiency of the production process. We guide and support companies during all stages of the process until certification has been obtained.

Energy Performance Contract

We invest, You save

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a multi-year contract through which Alperia Bartucci makes the financial and technological commitment involved in an energy efficiency project and is remunerated according to the savings generated by the project.

Using this contractual method, companies may implement a more efficient system by taking advantage of the best technology available on the market, while, most importantly, not requiring them to make any outlay for initial investments.

The EPC contract stipulates:

  • A variable duration of time, from 5 to 15 years, depending on the technology and application
  • Financial costs of the project entirely borne by Alperia Bartucci
  • All risks related to the technology shall be borne by Alperia Bartucci
  • A breakdown shall be provided of the energy savings actually obtained and measured out between Alperia Bartucci and the client
  • Possible early technology transfer options

When an energy performance contract is drawn up, the client does not directly purchase the energy efficiency system that will be implemented at their facility, but does get to enjoy the real benefits. All work carried out during the project is entirely the responsibility of Alperia Bartucci, which, along with the client, will receive a percentage of the savings generated.

There are many advantages to this contract:

  • No use of the client’s own economic resources
  • No financial risk or danger of altering market value of securities for the client
  • No risk related to the energy performance of the installed technology
  • Net and immediate economic benefits for the client in terms of the reduction of energy consumption
  • Energy savings that are completely for the benefit of the client in the long term
  • Immediate technological innovation

Process Optimisation

Sybil Industrial – Advanced control solutions for the optimisation of industrial processes

Sybil Industrial: automated control solutions based on MPC (Model Predictive Control) technology which, drawing on a dynamic model for production plants, predicts the effects of potential future trends of variables.

The objective of Sybil Industrial is to move closer to process constraints, increasing the efficiency and decreasing fluctuations in the process itself.

These solutions are tailor-made and can guarantee greater stability and energy savings in all situations involving complex and multivariable industrial processes.

The sectors in which we have successfully applied Sybil solutions are:

  • Steel rolling
  • Clinker production (cement)
  • Water network management
  • Central district heating energy production

If you would like more information about our Sybil Solutions
please click here: www.sybilsolutions.it