The Company

Alperia Bartucci was established at the end of February 2018 through the acquisition of the shares of Bartucci S.p.A. by Alperia Group.

Alperia Bartucci offers its clients the experience acquired over nearly 20 years of developing and designing energy efficiency projects, along with its everyday goal of promoting innovation, guaranteeing energy savings and reducing environmental impact. It offers support in all phases of your project: from the identification of the project itself to the definition of a business plan, from the selection of the right technology supplier to the implementation of the project, from energy performance monitoring to the enhancement of energy data, from the optimisation of processes and structures to behavioural improvement.

Alperia Bartucci focuses on innovation by dedicating itself to the continuous research and development of innovative technical solutions and by introducing new business models to the market, which are aimed at all manufacturing and industrial enterprises, the civil and residential sector and the services industry by offering, through its role as an ESCo, innovative and cutting-edge solutions from the standpoint of integrated and comprehensive systems management.

Alperia is the main energy service provider in South Tyrol and one of the most important Italian companies in the green energy sector. It operates as an integrated multi-utility service provider: offering its clients the production and sale of energy from renewable sources, management of the electricity grid and advanced solutions for electric mobility and smart cities.

It also designs and builds new renewable source power plants, develops innovative technological solutions for the energy sector and is working to make the advantages of an ultra-broadband network available in South Tyrol. The group employs a thousand people and has a turnover of over €1.6 billion.

Established in 2001 in Soave, in the province of Verona, Bartucci was already accredited as an ESCo. (Energy Service Company) back in 2005 and changed its name in 2014 when it became a joint stock company.

UNI 11352 certified since 2012 and ISO 9001 certified since 2015, Bartucci S.p.A. is the ideal partner for the creation of “turnkey” solutions through the savings sharing Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model, a contract which finances future projects to be carried out directly or through joint ventures.