The energy efficiency market is growing and developing thanks to continuous technology breakthroughs and the definition of increasingly effective contract forms for ensuring the best possible implementation of the energy saving projects.

To achieve this at Alperia Bartucci SpA we have adopted a model called the Saving Sharing Energy Performance Contract (E.P.C.), which we can now offer as a key tool for achieving the energy saving objectives required by the EU.

This form of contract is based on a principle combining the benefits of third-party financing for the technology with client performance remuneration, based on an easy mechanism: Alperia Bartucci SpA implements the energy efficiency projects for its clients, directly undertaking the related financial and technological commitments, and then shares the savings thus produced.

The advantages for our business clients are clear: implementing a more energy efficient system based on the best available technologies, but without the initial investment required.


Our E.P.C. contract generally lasts for 5/7 years and provides for the following:

• Expenses incurred entirely by Alperia Bartucci SpA
• Technology risks incurred entirely by Alperia Bartucci SpA
• Sharing of energy saving achieved and measured by Alperia Bartucci SpA and the client
• Possible option of advanced transfer of the system

Under the Energy Performance Contract our clients do not directly purchase the energy efficiency system to be implemented at their premises, while enjoying its actual advantages. The development of the system, in fact, is entirely developed by Alperia Bartucci SpA, which then shares the savings achieved with our clients.

This type of contract has a number of advantages for our clients:

• The client is not required to commit any financial resources
• The client incurs no financial or market risks
• No energy performance risks associated with the installed technology
• Net and immediate economic benefits for the clients, in terms of reduced energy consumption
• Energy savings end up benefitting clients entirely in the long run
• Immediate technology innovation


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