We offer our clients the best technical, financial and strategic solutions and dedicated services to those who require all-round integrated support. At Alperia Bartucci SpA we take pride in guiding our clients every step of the way and directly at their premises, towards the best possible management and use of energy.


Our energy audits can produce an accurate energy consumption profile of a building, business activity or industrial plant, highlighting any potential energy saving opportunities, based on actual energy waste, and delivering energy efficiency solutions.



A turnkey monitoring service, complete with measuring equipment, gateway for data transmission and a dedicated platform for analysing information, preparing reports and transmitting alarm messages. The service can be tailored to your needs and limited to general meters alone or including multiple and more complex parameters.



The Temporary Energy Management facility comprises support by Alperia Bartucci SpA experts directly at your premises, to provide assistance and training on energy-related matters, thus helping you build up your internal energy efficiency and management capacities.



With over fifteen years’ experience in the development and planning of energy efficiency projects, we can support clients in all the project implementation stages, also with regard to the preliminary red tape required for the issuing of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).


Companies falling within the scope of Directive 2003/87/EC, or which voluntarily adopt sustainable emission management policies, can come to us for advice on three key aspects of the ETS regulation: compliance, monitoring & reporting and strategic planning.


ISO 50001 EMS

Implementing the ISO 50001 standard has a twofold objective: environmental and financial. By reducing the consumption of primary energy you can also reduce GHG emissions and enhance the overall efficiency of your production process. At Alperia Bartucci SpA we support our clients in all the process stages up to certification.



The cogeneration plants that comply with the specific efficiency parameters are entitled to receive CAR qualification, as well as benefits ad Energy Performance Certificates. We are experts in the related red tape and can offer our clients full support every step of the way, from qualification to incentives.