Sybil systems are patent-protected


EURAC RESEARCH – Technology Validation

The research institute, Eurac Research, in Bolzano has tested our Sybil CT  technology and the conclusion of that report states:
The data show that, through the use of the Sybil CT  controller, it is possible to obtain an annual saving on gas for heating requirements of 35%, by reducing the energy supplied to the heating system by 48%.

CASA CLIMA – Technology Validation

The technical solution and application of Sybil CT  is currently in the process of being validated by CASACLIMA.

ENEA – Measurement and verification algorithm validation

The measurement and verification algorithm applied to our Sybil CT  solution has been validated by ENEA.
It is compliant with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®)


First Prize, Movicon Experience 2019

In 2019, during Solution Providers Day – Movicon Expierience by Progea, an annual event reserved solely for system integrators, Alperia Bartucci S.p.A. was awarded the first prize or the most innovative application developed on the Movicon SCADA system.

This application is used in multiple Sybil solutions engineered by Alperia Bartucci that use the Movicon SCADA system inside of which DLLs (Dynamic-link libraries) have been uploaded, developed in a Matlab environment, which contain the control algorithms designed by Alperia Bartucci.

The SCADA system interfaces with the automation systems of the end client from whom the variables necessary for the algorithms are read and to whom the control setpoints are sent.

The main advantages derive from the fact that the control algorithms, which are the property of Alperia Bartucci, can be customised for each project and the use of the SCADA system makes it possible to have a very powerful graphic interface for the operators who have to interact with the Alperia Bartucci solution. The architecture defined above has been certified as a solution that complies with the requirements of Budget Law No. 232/2016 (Industry 4.0) and can therefore be used to obtain the tax benefits provided for by the aforementioned law.

Premio CESEF Energy Efficiency Awards 2015, Prize Winner

In 2015, the Centre for Studies on Economics and Energy Efficiency Management (CESEF) at Milan’s Bocconi University awarded Alperia Bartucci S.p.A. the CESEF ENERGY EFFICIENCY AWARD for innovation for a project carried out within the Beltrame steel mills. The prize was awarded for the installation, in energy performance control mode, of a patented algorithm for the Multivariable Predictive Control (MPC) of heating furnaces, which was developed in collaboration with i.Process, a Bartucci group company.

Report International Energy Agency – IEA 2013

In 2013, the International Energy Agency (IEA) of Paris selected an Alperia Bartucci S.p.A. project aimed at improving the production efficiency of a cement factory and included it in its annual report of world best practices as a reference model.